I like most


I like first raindrops on my lips,
Walking barefoot on grass dew topped,
Listening to birds making the flips,
Rustling noise of rice plant before cropped.

I like lazying in the afternoon,
“Gone with wind” my special knack,
Looking at the  sun setting the tune
Counting stars stitched on the black ,

They become insignificant,
When I hear you coming,
Rustling sound of you innocent
a sweet fragrance reach me humming.

Through your dark brown eyes
into your heart, like  to take a peek,         

the compassionate blue skies,Nothing more do I seek,


Living with dignity


It was a stormy night
I first saw you smiling,
when you first spoke to me,
cloud showed the silver lining.

Showing me the courage,
to live with dignity,
you just touched my hand,
and you touched my heart instantly.

If I meet you again some day,
I shall just look at your eyes,
You may not  recognize me,
I shall still look at thee.

In unison


Sometime when I lie alone,
listening to heartbeat sound,
the rhythm pumping up life,
a periodic hymn I found.

I try to listen closer,
I hear one more beat in synchro,
it’s the music of my dearie,
thinking of me from her window.

When the beat cling in unison,
Your laughter fill the air,
You wipeout my tears,
lucky am I, having met dear.

Mother’s touch


I look for mothers touch,
when you are with me,
watching  smile of your mom,
when you assure me.

I know I cannot replace,
mom’s hug so assuring,
when you used to return,
from school in the evening.

In all good and bad times,
I will be always with you,
enabling to go forward,
showing the good path due.

Your mother had built,
a nest,so cosy,where you grew,
Now you have learnt to fly,
she would have been sure proud of you,

When you slept in my arms


Yesterday I was watching you
While you slept in my arms,
Deep breath touching the shoulder,
You were dreaming on own terms.

I could have woken you up,
Breaking your dream
I preferred to sit quietly
Allowing dreams to beam.

I could read your thoughts,
Streaming on the forehead tips,
The lots of unfulfilled wishes
Murmuring out of curved lips.

‘I still believe, you could do it‘
Your closed eyes just said so,
I whispered ‘Yes and I love you’
Your eyebrows twitched ‘Don’t I know?’

Floating spirit


I adore you as you are naughty,
you may be pretty but not to me,
your lock float before your eyes,
those sleepy little pair,
lying lazy below the arched eyebrows,
Still you may be pretty,
but not to me
When you walk alone,
dipping your feet in the stream,
cold water kissing gently,
you held your head high,
sunshine glowing in your hair,

I see a white swan, floating,
mesmerising the world
in its own term,
you may look pretty,
nice to look at.

When you look at me,
deep into my heart,
you feel the pain
and happiness of mine,
you try to express,
but I could listen to your feelings,
you understand and smile back,
I see the most prettiest face,
and I know it is seen by only me.

লাল গোলাপের আত্ম কাহিনী


জংগলে ছিল এক গোলাপ সাদা,
কচি মনে জানিয়ে দিল ভালবাসা,
এক সবুজ টিয়া, মনে ধরল তার,
আমি যখন হব লাল,পরবি আমায় হার?
সবুজ টিয়ার অবুঝ মন,
গোলাপের সাথে চায় কথোপকথন।

দিল হৃদয় টা ছিরে দুই ভাগে,
সাদা গোলাপ কে রাংগিয়ে দিয়ে,
গোলাপ তো হল লাল রাংগা,
কিন্তু নেই তো সেই সবুজ টিয়া,

তাই তো গোলাপ হয় লাল,
নিজের জন্য না রইল কোন আশা,
ধীরে ধীরে পাপড়ি পরে ঝরে,
ভালবাসার প্রতিক হয়ে রইল তার দিশা